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All in One Branding and Digital Marketing App

आता Digital Marketing करणे झाले एकदम सोपे

CONNECTit is an India’s No.1 all in one Digital Marketing tool which provides the solution for Marketing and Branding  your business in a very effective way. 

बिझनेस कोणताही असो ..

Branding आणि  Marketing साठी एकच पर्याय 

Automatic Text-SMS Sending System

कॉल झाल्यानंतर सेट केलेला Text-SMS व सोबत मिनी वेबसाइटची लिंक कस्टमरला जाते

Automatic WhatsApp MSG Sending System

कॉल झाल्यानंतर सेट केलेला Text-SMS कस्टमर च्या WhatsAppनंबर वर जातो

Digital Business Card

Festival आणि days च्या post आपल्या Business Logo आणि details सोबत तेही फक्त 10 सेकंदात

Daily Greeting Post

365 दिवस दररोज Greeting Post

Free Mini Website

Free Mini Website


Daily Post Update & Unlimited Downloads

Business Category

CONNECTit is an Android Mobile App which is a popular tool that helps Business to sends Automatically text and whatsapp messages to Caller. When you get a call or Miss Call from any number or You Call Anyone automatically message will send to that number with your business information.

App Features

Automated SMS Marketing Tool for your Business

Send Automatic Text Message After Incoming and Outgoing Call

Send Atomatic WhatsApp SMS After Incoming and Outgoing Call

Set WhatsApp & Text SMS in any Language by yourself and can change at any time

SMS Use Website/blog/Social Media Link and You Can Also set in WhatsApp message Image, Video

Send Birthday Wishes to clients or customers by Scheduling SMS

Sends Daily 100 SMS to your Customer, Now your daily 100 SMS will not be wasted

Get Professional Graphics with your Brand Name and Logo

Make Greeting Post with your Product Images

Showcase all your Products and Business Details Digitally and share with Customers using Digital Business Card

Colors and Themes adjusted automatically using Artificial Intelligence

App Benefits

Fully Automated System

CONNECTit is Fully automated System whenever your customer call you all information about your business will get delivered to customer via SMS

Less Time More Customer Engagement

With Less time and fully automated system customer gets all information about your business so more customer engagement is done

Affordable Pricing-Buy More Save More

We Come With the Affordable Pricing which suits your business Packages for 3-5 Devices also available