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Inventory and Bill Managment with POS Application Software

Managing your business and maintaining the track of each product and sale and payments is very import to your business.

INVOBILL is a software for designing and developing ERP and point of sale (POS) platform for manufacturing and retail industries in India. This ERP application can helps a corporation become more self-aware by linking information about production, finance, distribution, and human resources together. Because it connects different technologies used by each part of a business, an ERP application can eliminate costly duplicates and incompatible technology. The process often integrates accounts payable, stock control systems, order-monitoring systems, and customer databases into one system.

Powerful INVOBILL to do it all

Multi Users
Multi Warehouses
Customer Advance Payments Management
Sales & Purchase Invoice & Payments Management
Sales & Purchase Return Invoice & Payments Management
Customers & Suppliers Management & Import [CSV] feature
Customers & Suppliers Payments (Bulk Pay/Receive) Management
Items & Service Management & Import [CSV] feature
Items Brand & Category Master
Print Barcode/Labels
Stock Adjustment/Entry
Stock Transfer between warehouse (in same Store)
Expense Management
Convert Quotation to Invoice
Users & Users Role Management & able to assign warehouse to user
Tax & Tax grouping
Units Management
Item Variant Management
Payment Types Master
Places Management [Country & State]
Message on WhatsApp / Text SMS on bill creation
Currency Master
Database Backup facility [Admin]
Handle GST billing

The Benefits of INVOBILL

A software that brings you the best business management experience.

No wasted time in integrations, setups and coordination.

Single Retail Suite to efficiently scale your business.

Increase Visibility, Transparency, Efficiency and Growth.

All data is always synced across all modules on the cloud. 

By keeping track of your inventory in real-time, you can avoid stockouts and overstocking, which can save you money and improve customer satisfaction.

Track sales in real-time and use the data to make informed decisions about what products to stock and how to price them, which can help you increase revenue.

Manage customer information, track their purchases, and communicate with them through VasyERP, which can improve customer satisfaction and help build loyalty.


Business Types

INVOBILL Provides a Wide Range of Retail-Specific POS Software Solutions for Supermarkets and Retailers from Single Outlets to Over 100 Retail Chains.



1. What is INVOBILL Software?

An INVOBILL Software provides warehouses and storage facilities with real-time insights related to the stock, automates warehouse operations, and optimizes the storage space. The software automates redundant tasks, reduces order-fulfillment time, and prevents delays and shipment errors.

2. What are the features of INVOBILL Software?

The core features of INVOBILL Software include product categorization, total stock control, RMA, batches and bin management, ABC analysis, and reports.

3. In which industries INVOBILL can be helpful?

INVOBILL provides a wide range of retail-specific POS software solutions for supermarkets and retailers from single outlets to over 100 retail chains.

4. Is INVOBILL used for multiple outlets?

Yes, INVOBILL provides a completely cloud-based ERP solution for single to multiple outlets.

5. After the purchase, what is the process of implementation?

From the implementation process, training sessions to customer support, INVOBILL is dedicated to providing the best service.